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By December 13, 2022Craft Beer Blog


At True Story Brewing Co. we’ve recently brewed a Hefeweizen, read our blog for more information about this German beer style.

Hefeweizen is a German beer style that is known for its cloudy appearance and unique flavor. This wheat-based beer is named after the German words “hefe” (meaning yeast) and “weizen” (meaning wheat), which refer to the fact that it is made with a high proportion of wheat and is fermented with a specific type of yeast.

One of the defining characteristics of hefeweizen is its hazy, cloudy appearance. This is due to the fact that the yeast used in the brewing process is left in the beer, rather than being filtered out like in most other beers. This gives hefeweizen its signature appearance and also contributes to its flavor.

The flavor of hefeweizen is also unique. It is typically fruity and spicy, with notes of banana and clove. This is due to the specific yeast used in the brewing process, which produces these flavors during fermentation. Hefeweizen is also known for its smooth, creamy mouthfeel, which is a result of the high wheat content.

Freshly Squeezed

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Hazy Plan

Hazy Pale

A super juicy hop hazed pale, made with bucket loads of cold side, new world hops for intense tropical flavours.

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Hefeweizen is typically served in a tall, narrow glass called a weissbier glass. This allows the beer to maintain its carbonation and show off its cloudy appearance. It is often served with a lemon wedge, which is said to help bring out the beer’s flavors.

While hefeweizen originated in Germany, it has gained popularity around the world. Many American craft breweries have begun producing their own versions of hefeweizen, often with a twist on the traditional style. Some breweries add fruit, such as raspberries or passionfruit, to their hefeweizens to create unique flavors.

Overall, hefeweizen is a refreshing and flavorful beer that is perfect for summer drinking. Its unique appearance and taste make it a favorite among beer enthusiasts. Whether you’re enjoying a traditional German hefeweizen or trying out a new craft brew, this beer is sure to delight.

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Hefeweizen is a unique and flavorful German beer style known for its hazy appearance and spicy, fruity flavors.
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