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Beer Excellence

Our mission is simple; to brew exceptional beer that stands up against the best breweries around the world.

I think it’s fair to say, whatever myself and Will are passionate about, we end up getting completely fixated on; it’s a life of never being quite satisfied that pushes us to keep going no matter what. The truth is we’ll never be 100 percent happy with any of our beers, but the quest for perfection is at least an enjoyable one.

The Haziest of Plans

Having both been keen homebrewers & beer lovers, in July 2022 we took the leap to open the doors of True Story Brewing Co. with the goal of developing exceptional nano-batch craft beer.

Previously we ran a video production company together, Pulse Studio, based in Bristol; where many a meeting would be had over some of Bristol’s finest craft beers from the likes of Left Handed Giant, Arbor & Wiper & True to name just a few.

Our incredibly small batch brewing allows us to get really creative with recipes, and constantly be refining them; there is always something new to try, and we are now excited to share our beers with you.

Never Compromise

When it comes to ingredients and process we vowed to never compromise – that means the freshest hops, only the best malted grains, real fruit, time.. and usually a f**kload more hops!

We brew beer for the love, not the money, and therefore only deliver beers that we feel are to highest level; to do this we need your input, feedback and commitment to joining us in a journey to create truly exceptional beer that blurs boundariesre-assesses conventional techniques.