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‘Berry’ Angry Farmer Dumps Raspberries in Sleepy Somerset Village

By August 10, 2023Craft Beer Blog

Growing up in the West Country I think it’s fair to say we’re never too shocked by the goings ons between farmers and communities across the rural counties, however, this particular story did catch our team’s attention and inspire a very special limited edition of our latest Berry Sour beer.

In a small village in Somerset, residents woke up to some very disturbing scenes after a disgruntled local farmer decided to dump an approximate, 4 tonnes, of raspberries on to a number of local homeowners’ driveways.

One pile was reported to be nearly 2 metres high, and the owners of the properties were left unable to move their vehicles, completely engulfed in raspberries. The bizarre reason for the dumping being that the farmer was so upset with residents trespassing and stealing his raspberries that he had decided to get his own back.

Having spoken with one of the local residents ourselves, it’s caused a massive rift in the community with at least one of those affected seeking compensation for damages, alongside the stress caused by the unexpected incident.

Other locals are little more compassionate, telling us that this has been an ongoing problem over a period of years, and trespassing has not only resulted in raspberries disappearing from bushes, but long-term damage to crops that have impacted multiple harvests.

I don’t think we’ve ever heard of more ‘Yocal’ news story, and we hate to see good raspberries wasted (especially when there’s a cost of living crisis) so we decided to match the madness by tripling down on our berry quantity in this latest limited edition Sour Beer!

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Image Credits: Donna Graham, Langport

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