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Hazy IPA

By December 13, 2022June 15th, 2024Craft Beer Blog

Hazy IPA

At True Story Brewing Co. we brew and experiment with a whole range of Hazy IPA beers.

Hazy IPA, also known as New England IPA or NEIPA, is a type of IPA that is characterized by its hazy, opaque appearance and juicy, fruity flavor. The style originated in the northeastern United States, and has since become a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts.

Hazy IPA is known for its hazy, opaque appearance, which is created by using large amounts of wheat or oats in the brewing process. This gives the beer a smooth, silky texture, and imparts a range of flavors including citrus, fruit, and spice. The beer is also heavily hopped, which provides a bold and hoppy flavor and aroma, but with less bitterness than a traditional IPA.

One of the key characteristics of hazy IPA is its juicy, fruity flavor. This is achieved by using hops that have a high level of essential oils, which provide the beer with a range of fruit flavors including citrus, peach, and mango. The fruit flavors are balanced by the bitterness of the hops, resulting in a smooth and refreshing flavor profile.

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Hazy IPA

In addition to its hazy appearance and juicy flavor, hazy IPA is also known for its low bitterness. The hops are added late in the brewing process, which imparts a bold and hoppy aroma, but without the harsh bitterness that is characteristic of many other IPAs. This results in a smooth and easy-drinking beer that is well-suited to the bold and hoppy character of the style.

Despite its bold and unique flavor, hazy IPA is not as widely available as other styles of IPA. Because of its popularity among craft beer enthusiasts, many breweries produce limited quantities of the beer, and it can be difficult to find in stores or on tap. As a result, many craft beer enthusiasts seek out hazy IPA at specialty beer bars or breweries, where they can sample the best examples of the style.

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Hazy IPA
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