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Hazy Table Beers

By December 12, 2022Craft Beer Blog

Hazy Table Beers

At True Story Brewing Co. we love a Hazy Table Beer.

A hazy table beer is a type of beer that is characterised by its low alcohol content, light body, and hazy appearance. The style originated in Belgium, where it was traditionally served as a refreshing and easy-drinking beer that could be enjoyed with meals. In recent years, hazy table beers have gained popularity among craft beer enthusiasts, and are now brewed by many breweries around the world.

Hazy table beers are typically pale in color, ranging from straw to light golden, and have a cloudy or hazy appearance. This is due to the use of wheat or oats in the brewing process, which gives the beer its unique texture and appearance. The beer is lightly hopped, resulting in a subtle bitterness that is balanced by a clean, crisp flavour and a refreshing finish.

One of the key characteristics of hazy table beers is their low alcohol content, which typically ranges from 2-4% ABV (alcohol by volume). This makes them an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a beer without the high alcohol content of many other styles. The low alcohol content also means that the beer can be enjoyed with meals, without overwhelming the flavours of the food.

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Hazy Pale

A super juicy hop hazed pale, made with bucket loads of cold side, new world hops for intense tropical flavours.

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Hazy Table Beers

Hazy table beers are often described as “sessionable,” meaning that they can be enjoyed over an extended period of time without causing fatigue or overconsumption. This makes them a popular choice among beer enthusiasts who want to try a variety of different beers without getting too drunk.

In addition to their low alcohol content and light body, hazy table beers are known for their complex flavour profile. The use of wheat and oats in the brewing process gives the beer a smooth, silky texture, and imparts a range of flavours including citrus, fruit, and spice. The beer may also have subtle floral or herbal notes, depending on the hops used in the brewing process.

Overall, hazy table beers are a refreshing and enjoyable choice for craft beer enthusiasts who want to try something new and unique. Whether you’re looking for a beer to enjoy with meals, or simply want to try something that is light and refreshing, hazy table beers are a great option.

Hazy Table Beers
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Hazy Table Beers
Hazy table beers are a type of beer that is gaining popularity. Known for their hazy appearance and smooth, full-bodied flavor. This blog explores the history, brewing process, and unique characteristics of hazy table beers.
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