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By December 13, 2022Craft Beer Blog

DDH IPA (Double Dry Hopped IPA)

At True Story Brewing Co. we brew and experiment with dry hopping in our big, juicy DDH IPA style beers.

Double Dry-Hopped IPA, or DDH IPA, is a variation on the popular India Pale Ale style that is gaining popularity among craft beer enthusiasts. As the name suggests, a DDH IPA is an IPA that has been dry-hopped not once, but twice, resulting in a beer that is bursting with hop flavor and aroma.

One of the key characteristics of an IPA is its strong hop character. This is achieved through the process of dry-hopping, which involves adding hops to the beer after fermentation has finished. This allows the hop aromas and flavors to be extracted without adding bitterness, resulting in a beer that is packed with hop character but still balanced and drinkable.

A DDH IPA takes this process a step further by adding a second round of dry-hopping. This results in an even more intense hop character, with more pronounced aromas and flavors. The result is a beer that is bursting with hop character, making it a great choice for hopheads who are looking for their next fix.

Freshly Squeezed

New England IPA

Tropical pineapple and ripe honey dew melon, with hints of fig and vanilla. Soft, with a lightly resinous finish.

£4.75£57.00More Info

Hazy Plan

Hazy Pale

A super juicy hop hazed pale, made with bucket loads of cold side, new world hops for intense tropical flavours.

£3.95£47.40More Info


Despite its intense hop character, a DDH IPA is not overly bitter. Many brewers strive for a balanced and drinkable beer, with just enough bitterness to provide structure and support the hop flavors. This makes the DDH IPA an approachable and enjoyable beer for a wide range of drinkers, not just those who are hardcore hopheads.

In addition to its intense hop character, a DDH IPA is often hazy and juicy, with a smooth and silky mouthfeel. This is due to the use of high-protein grains and the addition of large amounts of hops, which can contribute to a hazy appearance and a creamy mouthfeel. This makes the DDH IPA a highly drinkable and enjoyable beer, with a unique and satisfying mouthfeel.

In short, the DDH IPA is a bold and flavorful variation on the classic India Pale Ale style. With its intense hop character and smooth, juicy mouthfeel, it is a beer that is perfect for hopheads and craft beer enthusiasts alike. If you are looking for a delicious and well-crafted beer that is packed with hop character, then a DDH IPA is worth trying.

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